Practice Times & Locations

Practice times and locations are finalized:
       U16@ CNC
      U6 & U8 @ CNC
      U10 @ LDSS
     U12 @ CNC
     U14 @ LDSS
NOTE: Some teams may be starting a wait list very soon for registration so be sure to get your registration in as soon as you can. You will be notified if you are placed on a wait list.

Late Registration Fees

Today is the last day for registration.  Starting April 1st late fees apply.  Please don’t wait to register.

It requires a lot of planning and budgeting to organize a season of soccer and we want to provide players with the best experience we can offer.  Without registration information (numbers of players and ages)  we cannot plan for adequate coaching staff or field spaces.  We encourage you to register now if you plan on partaking in the upcoming season as we want to ensure we have a spot saved for you.

You can download a registration form from our registration page.

Goodbye Pat!!

I hope everyone gets to say goodbye and Thanks for everything that Pat has done over the years. There would not be such a big soccer community if not for everything that you have done!!

So a big Thanks!!